Dear Member

Just a note to confirm that the club will re-open for business to members and their immediate guests only, on Monday 20th July 2020 at 9.30 am.

There are however some guidelines that need to be followed when using the Club. They are;

1). The club will re-open on 20th July 2020 to MEMBERS AND THEIR IMMEDIATE GUESTS ONLY and will operate normal hours.

2). ENTRY to the club will be via THE BACK DOOR only which will be kept locked. Members are required to ring the doorbell on the rear door and staff will let members in.

3). EXIT from the club will be via THE FRONT DOOR only which will be kept locked.

4). Members will be required to sign in upon entry recording their name only and that of any guests they bring in.

5). Members temperatures will be taken and recorded by use of a temperature gauge.

6). Usage of the club will be permitted by members and guests in small numbers only until further notice. No larger groups for lunches or suppers will be permitted under current government regulations.

7). Members are required to come into the club, use sanitisers provided and sign in before entering the bar, meeting room, coffee room or dining room.

8). Members are required to find a seat and wait for a member of staff to take their orders for drinks and/or food.

9). Members wishing to dine are requested where possible to telephone the club in advance to book a table.

10). From 20th July 2020 – 1st September 2020 a limited Food menu will be available, details of which are attached,

11). A small plastic screen will be in place on the bar to protect both staff and members, but members generally are requested to remain seated and not to go to the bar.

12). The toilet facilities on the ground floor will be locked, members are required to obtain a key from a member of staff.

13). Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for members is by individual members choice.

14). STAFF AREAS (ie. the Kitchen) is totally “OUT OF BOUNDS” to members.

15). The Snooker room will be locked and members are asked to book usage of the room.

16). Members using the Snooker room are asked to use their own Snooker cues and to clean common equipment when they have finished their game.

17). Members playing snooker in the evening must complete their game and leave the club no later than 8.30 pm.

18). When passing through common areas ie. ground floor corridor, stairs etc. members are asked to remain on the left hand side and avoid standing in these areas for long periods.

19). Members who are also tenants in offices on the 1st Floor and Top floor are asked to sign in on entry and exit and to move through common areas directly to their own office spaces.

20). Common areas, Bar, Dining room, Coffee room etc. will be regularly inspected and cleaned by staff.

21). The Committee will review these guidelines regularly.

I have also attached the new Menus for information and use during this period. Just click the button below.

Yours sincerely

Keith Aldis
Committee Member