The Survey of Club Members was sent out to members via their registered e-mail address on the 15th May.

Over the last few years the Club has had to adapt to changing circumstances to maintain liquidity and operate within the funds available. The Committee has worked hard to reverse the worsening financial trends and has succeeded in not only balancing the books but generating a surplus to address some of the many outstanding, scheduled works needed at the Club.

However, these achievements have come at a price: the of loss of facility and service; the resident Steward; accommodation; opening times; availability of Club facilities. These amongst other benefits, have all fallen to the need to balance the books. The Committee has tried to survey members’ opinions on previous occasions and received a lamentable response.

Without your opinion as to the future of the Club, the Committee cannot move beyond prudence and ensuring financial security.

Please make every effort to contribute to the debate about the future of the Club and help the Committee produce a plan that the majority of members will approve and support.

We hope that this survey will allow the Committee to clearly understand what members want and how it may be delivered. In order to meet the necessary response rate for this questionnaire to be an effective guide, we ask members to respond within two weeks. Your responses will be anonymous and we will only know who has and has not responded, but not the identity attached to each response.

If you have been unable to respond within two weeks, you will be contacted again over the following two weeks. We would like a 100% response on this please.

We hope to provide members with a report on progress in good time before the next Club AGM. Following this first survey, we may ask members to complete an additional survey based on the opinions expressed by members.

If you have any questions, please let me know or leave a message with Lisa who will pass it on to myself or the Committee.

Additionally, if you know of any member who has not received the survey or indeed if you haven’t received it, please make sure they contact me.

Kindest regards,

Keith Aldis
Committee Member

Cell: 07584 663492