Narrated Opera – 12th October 2018

Don Giovanni

A Narrated Opera (“Narropera”) performance Evening at the Club

at 6:00pm, Friday, 12th October 2018

The Club is pleased to present to you, an evening meal with a very special performance, in 85 minutes, of Mozart’s Don Giovanni.

Meet at the Club at 6.00pm, to finish at 7:30pm followed by a buffet type meal together in the Dining Room. (Drinks in the Bar optional – probably desirable!).

Opera is not to everyone’s taste. However, a good story is and when well told, a good tale can appeal to all generations. Don Giovanni is just such a story, one of the most popular of all over the past five centuries! The evening’s performance places the story on equal footing with the music. The story is presented as a ‘Tale for Grown­ups’ and enhanced by ten arias, which form a vital part of the story-telling, itself.

“Narropera” is a totally new art-form aiming at clarity, wit and fluency. It is presented by a soprano, a violinist and a pianist (who doubles as narrator). Mozart’s music takes on wings of understanding, which can fascinate the first-timer just as much as the seasoned fan.

This promises to be a very popular and enjoyable evening. Booking early is recommended since we expect a high turnout for this evening.

Call the Club for details and to make a booking or talk to both Lisa and Sharon or Club Member Gordon Sykes.

Further information can be found here;

Don Giovanni Poster Canterbury Haydn

Don Giovanni A5 BW Back

Total inclusive cost per person £25.