Welcome to our Club

We very much welcome people to experience and apply for membership to our Club. Please complete the ‘Contact Us’ form if you don’t already know an existing member. We will welcome you and show you round, explaining how the club runs and introducing you to other members. If you then wish to proceed we will instruct you in the application and nomination process and look forward to welcoming you to be an active member of the club.

Constitution & Rules

The Club’s Constitution is designed to provide an appropriate social club for both male and female members and afford to members all the usual privileges, advantages, conveniences of a high standard club. In simple terms, it provides a place where like-minded people can meet with friends and associates in pleasant and peaceful surroundings. Copies of the rules can be obtained by clicking the link below;

Kent and Canterbury Rules – Version 1.4 (Approved 13th September 2017)


There is a regular and effective two-way communication with members via a comprehensive e-mail network.  A notice board is sited in the Club hall and carries information on current events. Information is also issued periodically by mail by our Communications Officer.


Committee & Management

The club’s activities are overseen by our President, Chairman and a Committee of members elected by rotation at each Annual General Meeting. The committee normally meets about six times a year. The club is managed on a day-to-day basis by our Chairman and our Club Committee, supported by our Staff and Caterer.

Dress Code

Bar, Lounge and Dining Room: Except for “pre-arranged” formal functions, smart casual dress is the norm. Members are expected to dress appropriately at all times.

Mobile Phones

As a courtesy to other members, mobile phones should not be used in the public rooms.

Categories and Annual Costs of Membership

All categories of membership give access to the Club, Facilities and Membership:

-Full Membership: £407+VAT
-Junior membership (18-25) – £165+VAT
-Senior Membership (having been a full member for over 10 years and be aged over 80) – £220+VAT
-Country Membership (Full member for a year and then resident outside of the county of Kent for >6months a year) £165+VAT
-Clergy Membership £198+VAT

Members gain a 25% additional credit when they deposit >£100 to their account.


Message from the Chairman

An introductory and welcome message form the Club Chairman Iain Douglas:

“As a club we take pride in over 150 years of our history and in our contribution to the social and business life of the wider community, but we are determined to be as relevant today as at any time in our heritage.

Centrally located with extensive parking and owned and run by our members, we are a welcoming, diverse and inclusive club offering many amenities and facilities, from bar and dining rooms to snooker and squash courts. Members also participate in a variety of other club activities including chess and bridge clubs.

We deliver a wide range of functions to cater for all our members and guests and many outside bodies choose to use our facilities which are available for hire. Members enjoy an active and extensive social programme with events, both formal and informal, throughout the year.”